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BBRSO43518: Consultancy for developing a Protected Areas System Business Plan
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Barbados and the OECS - Grenada - BARBADOS
Deadline :27-Apr-18
Posted on :13-Apr-18
Reference Number :45553
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00082951 - Ridge to Reef Grenada
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Solicitation document
Genral Terms and Conditions
IC Offeror's Letter - Annex III
IC Financial Proposal - Annex IV
IC Sample Individual Contract - Annex V
P11 - Modified for ICs and SCs
Overview :


The Grenada "Ridge to Reef Project" is designed to support Grenada's compliance with a number of agreed-upon international environmental management and conservation strategies, policies and plans with the technical and financial assistance from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). The project intervention is essentially a complement to the Government of Grenada's efforts, on the local level, to fulfil its obligations to various United Nations Convention and Protocols with respect to biodiversity and eco-systems functions/services by applying program/based delivery systems.

The Project will improve the sustainability of the protected areas system and address the need and deliberate application of biodiversity, sustainable land management, sustainable forest management/Reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation of forests, land degradation and climate change adaptation principles and practices.

The Ridge to Reef Project will provide multiple global and local benefits by strengthening land, forest and reef management processes (eco-systems functions) and biodiversity conservation on all terrestrial landscapes and marine asand seascapes in Grenada, especially within and around the marine and terrestrial protected areas. This will be achieved through a multi-focal strategy having a “Ridge to Reef” approach that increases protected areas’ management effectiveness and applies targeted land management practices to include:

  • Development of legal, policy, planning, institutional and regulatory frameworks in support of a sustainably managed network of Terrestrial Protected Areas (TPAs) and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs);
  • Development and management of landscapes and seascapes by adopting the approach of integrating sustainable land management (SLM) and sustainable forest management (SFM)/REDD+ principles and practices as a matter of public policy (integrated approach for managing forest ecosystems, protection and sustainable use of the biodiversity, prevention of land/sea degradation, and integration of people’s livelihood objectives within the management of forest and marine eco-systems.); and

By piloting SFM/REDD+ and SLM practices in the Annandale/Beausejour watershed to improve carbon stocks, reducing deforestation, reducing susceptibility to drought (and forest fires) and consequent land degradation that would impact downstream landscapes and seascapes.