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Key Expert on Individual and Institutional Capacity Building (KE3)
Procurement Process :IC - Individual contractor
Office :UNDP Country Office - TURKEY
Deadline :03-Mar-20
Posted on :04-Feb-20
Reference Number :63166
Link to Atlas Project :
00095989 - Civilian Oversight Phase III
Documents :
Procurement Notice
Offeror's Letter to UNDP
Terms of Reference
General Conditions of Contract for the Services of Individual Contractors
Overview :

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Project is funded by the European Union. As per the Agreement between UNDP and EU, only individuals from EU Member States along with the members of the Pan-Euro-Mediterranean cumulation (i.e. Turkey, the Western Balkans, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) are eligible to apply to this Individual Consultancy Assignment.


1     Background

Please see Annex II (Terms of Reference). 


2     Scope of Work, Responsibilities and Description of the Proposed Analytical Work

Please see Annex II (Terms of Reference).


3     Requirements for Experience and Qualifications

Please see Annex II (Terms of Reference).


4     Documents to be included when submitting Proposals

Interested individual contractors MUST submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Duly signed and complete "Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability" provided as Annex I.
  • Latest Personal CV including experience in similar projects and easily accessible contact details (preferably e-mails and mobile phones) of at least 3 references.

Failure to submit either one of the above listed documents may result in automatic disqualification of a candidate.


5     Financial Proposal

Financial proposal shall be submitted together with the compulsory documents, in the format provided in “Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability”. Any deviation from the standard text may lead to disqualification.


6     Evaluation

Applicants meeting minimum qualification requirements stipulated within the Terms of Reference will be short-listed for technical evaluation.

The evaluation will be based on cumulative analysis (i.e. technical qualifications and price proposal). The weight of the technical criteria is 70%; the weight of the financial proposal is 30%.

The Evaluation Committee will interview the candidates who fulfil all the stipulated minimum qualification requirements, prior to conclusion of the technical evaluation.

The interview will be notified to the candidates at least two days in advance. If a candidate is unable to participate in an interview by force majeure, a mutually convenient alternative date and time may be arranged with the candidate. If the candidate is unable to participate in this second scheduled time, the candidate will be eliminated from the evaluation process.

After conclusion of the technical evaluation upon conduct of the interviews, candidates who have obtained a minimum of 49 points out of a maximum 70 points will be considered for the financial evaluation.

Candidates who could not meet the minimum qualification requirements will be disqualified.



Maximum Attainable Points



70 pts

General Qualifications


15 pts

General Professional Experience


26 pts

Specific Professional Experience


21 pts



8 pts



30 pts




Minimum Qualification Requirements




General Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of political sciences, public administration, law, security studies, educational sciences or any other relevant field


Advanced degree in the fields of political sciences, public administration, educational sciences and/or communications, law, security studies or public relations


Good command of spoken and written English


Good command of spoken and written Turkish


Full computer literacy


General Professional Experience

Minimum 10 (ten) years of professional experience


More than 10 (ten) years of professional experience


Minimum 3 (three) years of professional experience in working for/with international institutions/organizations and/or international projects and/or taking part within international projects as staff/personnel of partners (including donors and beneficiaries) 


Former experience in EU funded projects


Knowledge of international human rights framework


Former experience in UN projects1

Specific Professional Experience

At least 5 (five) years of specific working/academic experience in public administration, human rights and/or security sector


Experience in at least 1 (one) project as a senior expert on Turkey’s internal security issues and/or fundamental rights


Specific knowledge of functioning of public sector or/and security sector in EU Member States and/or in Turkey




Proven experience in design and implementation of capacity building/training programs targeting internal security sector


Proven experience in curriculum development in the field of democratic security governance


Proven experience in development and implementation of awareness raising programs on security/public safety and/or civilian oversight


Proven experience in design and implementation of large-scale opinion polls and design of awareness raising strategies by using its results


Proven experience in development and implementation of tailor-made training programs for civil society and media on public safety


Proven knowledge on the Turkish administrative structure and specifically the security role and functions of Ministry of Interior


Planning and conduct of capacity-building programs for security sector in Turkey



7     Annexes

The following annexes are an integral part of this procurement notice. In case of any conflict between the provisions of the Annex III and the procurement notice and/or Annex I and/or Annex II, the provisions of Annex III are applicable.

  • Annex I: Template for “Letter to UNDP Confirming Interest and Availability”
  • Annex II: Terms of Reference
  • Annex III: General Conditions of Contract for the Services of Individual Contractors