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IP 28-2020 Invitation for Prequalification for REVIEW of designs
Procurement Process :ITP - Invitation to pre-qualify
Office :UNDP CO - Republic of North Macedonia
Deadline :11-May-20
Posted on :22-Apr-20
Reference Number :65252
Link to Atlas Project :
00105769 - Building municipal capacity for project implementation
Documents :
IP 28-2020
Overview :

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) invites interested companies to submit documents for prequalification related to Review of Technical documentation, not later than 11 May 2020 by 10:00 am to the dedicated e-mail address:

The companies pre-qualified will establish the UNDP Roster of companies for Review of Technical documentation.                                                                                                                                                                            

    1. Prequalification documents shall be sent digitally to dedicated email:


SUBJECT: OFFER MKD IP28 - 2020 Prequalification for review of engineering designs

Format: PDF files


All files must be in PDF and free of viruses and not corrupted.

All documents must be in the following format companyname_nameofthefile.pdf

Max. size of uploaded files (per document) must not exceed: 30 MB


  1. UNDP reserves the right to modify any part of this invitation for prequalification, including the deadline for submission of prequalification documents, either at its own initiative or as a result of requests for clarification or otherwise from one or several firms.
  2. Any additional requests for clarification shall be addressed in writing only to:                     not later than 5 May 2020. Questions and answers/clarifications shall be published at UNDP web site  ( Ref. IP28). No phone calls will be accepted.
  3.  The prequalification does not preordain a contract.
  4. This Prequalification Stage is to identify successful applicants in the prequalification process (the "UNDP    Roster of companies for review of Technical documentation") and to invite them to participate in the subsequent Request for Quotation (RfQ) stage. Solicitation documents (Request for quotation) will be extended in the second phase only to applicants qualified in this pre-qualification phase. During this Prequalification Stage, Participants will submit Prequalification Required Documentation to demonstrate compliance with prequalification requirements.