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RFP for the design and execution of a communication campaign to raise awareness amongst the whole of society about the country’s climate plan and engage stakeholders in its revision process
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Sao Tomé and Principe - SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE
Deadline :08-Nov-20
Posted on :23-Oct-20
Development Area :OTHER  
Reference Number :71846
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00126883 - Delivering Climate Promise in STP| NDC Support Programme
Documents :
RFP document
RFP in word just for Form
Overview :

Delivering Climate Promise in Sao Tome and Principe. - As the signatory of the Paris Agreement, Sao Tome and Principe, has agreed to communicate its efforts in the fight against climate change on the international arena. This consists of two processes, first which is to report biannually what has been done in the fronts of climate change adaptation and mitigation and the second one is the Nationally Determined Contributions, or NDC.

Communicating for development means engaging in dialogue, supporting social change and communicating in a way that is adapted to the needs and capacities of the target groups. In this sense, this consultancy will be carried out under the guidance and supervision of UNDP and the national implementing partner, the General Directorate of Environment, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Blue Economy.

The consultancy is expected to carry out the following activities:

  • Relevant documents regarding the NDC are provided for the consultancy in order to help them understand the theme and its contextualization better;
  • Map and contact relevant stakeholders (high-level decision-makers, technical-level practitioners, civil society, marginalized communities and donors) and carry out a representative baseline survey to obtain information on the current level of awareness of the NDC;
  • Identify potential climate champions and advocates and design and execute an outreach campaign specific to these stakeholders;
  • Consult climate champions and advocates as well as other groups representative of all layers of society to support the planning/design and execution of the NDC campaign;
  • As part of the design phase, tasks would include:
    1. Target groups mapping. Target groups should include at least: high-level institutions (presidency, parliament, prime minister, line ministries, political parties), specific organizations or sectors (technical-level staff from relevant ministries, civil society organizations (CSOs), religious organizations, private sector) and civil society (youth, children, women, community members, community leaders), and other groups that the consultancy might deem necessary;
    2. Elaboration and development of communication products (layout, art direction) to be used in the execution of the campaign to reach and mobilize each target group;
    3. Development of the media plan which includes identifying the channels for dissemination of developed and approved messaging;
    4. Organization of and participation in the necessary trainings to increase media reach and impact (e.g, workshop/training for journalists, CSOs, etc.);
    5. Establishment of a detailed schedule for the execution of the campaign with the identification of dates for dissemination of the content produced for each of the channels identified and actions in the field; and
    6. Definition of a monitoring and evaluation plan for the execution of the campaign which includes key indicators that will allow its impact to be assessed; and
    7. Execute the campaign over 18 months, covering all negotiations with media as well as any expenses derived from this.
    8. Important note: all production and printing costs of all necessary materials needs to be included in the financial proposal.

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