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Review and Development of SS Master Curriculum
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal SSD10 - 0000007972   Click here to participate
Office :UNDP South Sudan - SOUTH SUDAN
Deadline :09-Dec-20 @ 04:00 AM (New York time)
Posted on :26-Nov-20 @ 04:42 AM (New York time)
Reference Number :73177
Link to Atlas Project :
00120769 - Governance &Economic Management Support (GEMS)
Documents :
e-Tendering user guide
e-Tendering user guide for bidders
RFP Document
RFP Document Word version
Amended RFQ
Overview :

Project Title:  Governance and Economic Management Support (GEMS) Project


A. Project Description: Review and Development of the Public Service Master Curriculum for the Government of South Sudan


B. Background

Successful implementation of the 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS) provides a better opportunity for the Revitalized Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) to carry out reforms skilfully, structurally, systematically, symbiotically and synthetically for human resource development and professional public service. This will necessitate the review of the existing master curriculum for training of civil servants through the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development (MoPSHRD). It will contribute to effective and efficient delivery of peace dividends with positive impact on development of over 12.58 million people of South Sudan. Training is key to improving the capacity of public servants, using updated curriculum and training modules that are contextualized to meet the demands of transitional period and beyond.


The support by UNDP in these key area of human resource development through both basic and advanced skills trainings  will have a huge impact on the delivery capacity of Change Agents (CAs) who shall be trained, coached and mentored by Special Skills Experts (SSEs) to be deployed to MoPSHRD in accordance with objective of the Governance and Economic Management Support Project (GEMS) and based on the following objectives:


  1. To strengthen the capacity of key national institutions for effective and accountable implementation of the R-ARCSS.
  2. To bolster key economic governance and accountability functions with attention on Chapter IV of the R-ARCSS.
  3. To establish a consistent and structured platform for advancing policy dialogue and mutual accountability on implementation of the R-ARCSS, and
  4. To provide a platform for south-south cooperation and for development partners to bring their expertise and experiences to bear on the implementation of the R-ARCSS priorities.


C. Objective


To develop a Public Service Master Curriculum for the Government of South Sudan


D. Assignment: Scope of services


The core objective is a focused review and update of the Public Service Master Curriculum (PSMC) of the training for the civil servants of South Sudan so that it is contextualized with relevant training modules for Super (Grades 1-6) including Secretary Generals, Under Secretaries, Director Generals, Directors, Deputy Directors, Chief and Assistant Chief Technical Officers; Administrative and Professional Staff (Grades 7-9) including Senior Inspectors/Officers, Inspectors/Technical Officers, Assistant Inspectors/ Officers and Graduate entrants; and Support Staff or Sub-professional and Technical Staff including Secretaries (Grades 10-14), Unclassified Staff (Skilled from Grades 11-15 and Unskilled from Grades 16-17).


The PSMC shall guide the design of training modules for the Civil Service Training Center with accreditation from Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MoHEST), it shall enhance the skills of the civil servants and improve their performance quality in line with legal principles, regulatory frameworks, operational policies, public service code of ethics, human resource development and institutional strength.

Below are some of the key activities to be performed by the consulting firm:

  1. Review and analysis of national curricula framework (inputs/feedback from learners, managers and other organizations) with particular focus on:
    1. Guiding principles and orientation on the basics of public service in context of peace and development for an emerging state in a competitive established world.
    2. Governance - how to promote good governance in public service institutions within the history and culture of South Sudan.
    3. Management theories and Practices in the context of South Sudan.
    4. Personal and Professional Development – the skills to progress professionally and personally.
    5. Skills and knowledge for strategic leadership of government institutions.
    6. Roles and duties of support staff in government institutions.
  2. Conduct a Workshop to validate the review


  1. Provide a PSMC
    1. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Service develop a revised PSMC.
    2. Conduct a workshop to validate the new draft revised PSMC
    3. Incorporate feedback into draft framework.
    4. Finalise the revised PSMC.
  2. A final report recommending, based on the reviewed content and context of revised PSMC, the best method for training of civil servants of South Sudan through the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development.


The contractor shall review and update content and context of the 455-page Public Service Master Curriculum, using SWOT Analysis and PESTLE tools and focusing on following tasks:

Expected Results:


  • Inception Report with an updated schedule of work based on interviews with the Ministry of Public Service and the MoHEST.  The report should highlight key areas/themes in the current PSMC that will require significant changes and to ensure accreditation.


  • Developed document for Public Service Master Curriculum for the Government of South Sudan



F. Qualification of the Organization


The organization should have the status of a legally registered entity:

-  The organization should have the status of a legal entity, with at least 5 years of proven experience in civil service, adult or professional education;

-  Organization profile/portfolio with description of proven records and experience in the area of required specific expertise;

-  Experience in assistance to the state institutions, experience in joint activities with the


Key Personnel Qualifications:


  • The company must provide personnel who will work for the minimum positions below and attach the Curriculum Vitae (CV) and experience portfolio for each member in the bid proposal.
    1. Team Leader
      1. Qualifications: PhD’s or Master’s degree in Public Administration, Political Science, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences or equivalent.
      2. Experience: 10 years of professional working experience in relevant fields of Governance, Public Administration and Education. 5 years in curricular development.
      3. Language Skills: Advanced English is required. Juba Arabic is an asset
    2. Specialist
      1. Qualifications: Master’s in Public Administration, Political Science, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences or equivalent with first-level university degree with relevant work experience
      2. Experience:  5 years of professional working experience in relevant fields of Governance, Public Administration and Education.  2 years in curricular development or adult education
      3. Language Skills: Advanced English is required. Juba Arabic is an asset


Payment Mode

The Contractor will be paid upon acceptance and approval of the deliverables, per the timescale presented in the table below:


Payment %


Inception report. The report will provide an updated methodology of work based on interviews and discussions with the Ministry of Public Service and MOHEST. The workplan will show the linkage between civil service training and the peace process.


7 days after commencement of Contract.

Interim report outlining results/findings of the review and workshop validated recommendations for update of Public Service Master Curriculum. The report will highlight areas in the curriculum which are redundant, missing or require changes to meet international government best practices and the peace process.


20 days after commencement of Contract

The Revised Master Curriculum incorporating the feedback from stakeholders and with validation workshop for this purpose (The revised PSMC will ensure that all points in the review have been accounted for.


50 days after commencement of Contract.

Final Report on the results/findings of the review and updates Public Service Master Curriculum and recommendations for training methods.


60 days after commencement of Contract.


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