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MyRFP2021_011 Research project on Temporary Basic Income
Procurement Process :RFP - Request for proposal
Office :UNDP Country Office - MALAYSIA
Deadline :14-Jun-21
Posted on :17-May-21
Development Area :URBAN DEV’T.  URBAN DEV’T.
Reference Number :78581
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00133805 - Temporary Basic Income Pilot Project
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Dear Bidder, 

We kindly request you to submit your Proposal for Consultancy to Organize Research project on Temporary Basic Income .

The Coronavirus pandemic 2019 (COVID-19) has impacted Malaysia’s economic growth. The enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) by the Government of Malaysia (GOM) since March 2020 resulted in a 17.1% contraction of Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product in Q2 of 2020 compared to the corresponding quarter in 2019. Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) reported that the overall Malaysian economy contracted 5.6% in 2020 as compared to a positive growth of 4.3% in 2019 which reflected the unprecedented impact of the stringent containment measures of COVID-19. This is the lowest contraction of Malaysia’s economy observed since 2009 (-1.5%) and 1998 (-7.4%). This—coupled with gaps in the social safety net —has worsened the economic security of low-income households across Malaysia .

As Malaysia approaches developed country status, it is important that social protection is more inclusive and needs to restructure its social safety net. The provision of a temporary basic income (TBI) is a form of social protection measure that can reduce income uncertainty. TBI provides continuous and unconditional assistance, making it a valuable intervention during a crisis to secure the financial stability and security of vulnerable households. TBI has been experimented —not only in lower-income countries—but also in developed countries such as Finland and Germany. 

TBI pilot project in an upper middle-income country such as Malaysia is a promising initiative that can show how pockets of vulnerability brought about seasonal and emerging trends of non-standard forms of employment can be addressed. The overarching aim of this study is to increase evidence for a continuous and inclusive cash-based intervention as a means to improve livelihood and socio-economic security. This will be accomplished by testing a social protection intervention that the GOM can employ and replicate.   

Please be guided by the form attached hereto as Annex 2 in preparing your Proposal. 

Do ensure that the financial proposal is separated with password protected. 

UNDP will organise a Pre-Proposal conference as per below schedule: 

Time: 3:00 PM, (GMT+8)

Date: May, 20, 2021 (Thursday)

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Proposals may be submitted on or before Monday, 07 June, 2021 and via email to the address below:

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