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Grant: Public outreach to increase engagement of underrepresented groups in the election processes
Procurement Process :Other
Office :UNDP Country Office - ARMENIA
Deadline :30-Sep-21
Posted on :20-Sep-21
Development Area :OTHER  OTHER
Reference Number :83486
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00102091 - Electoral Support Project in Armenia (ESPA)
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Overview :

Public outreach to increase engagement of underrepresented groups in the election processes

Grant competition

United Nations Development Programme invites Non-governmental organizations (NGO) operating in Armenia to take part in a competition of proposals to conduct a local campaign on public outreach to increase     participation and engagement of underrepresented groups in the local election processes.

The Call for Grant proposal is announced within the framework of UNDP “Electoral Support Programme in Armenia (ESPA) -3” funded by the European Union, governments of the Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK (hereinafter - Programme).


Executive summary

The project will award several grants in the amount up to $10,000 (ten thousand) for activities covering one marze or one grant in the amount up to 42 thousand (forty-two thousand) for activities covering at least 4 marzes to a Non-governmental organization (NGO) on a competitive basis to implement the mentioned activities. The aims are:

  • to educate voters from the underrepresented groups on their electoral rights and electoral processes for the local elections to be conducted in autumn 2021
  • to educate voters on the functions of the local self-government bodies and the process of merging communities
  • to raise awareness on gender equality standards introduced in the Electoral Code aiming to educate voters on importance of women’s participation in the political process.


It is envisaged that the process will be implemented through engagement of grass roots organizations, civic activists and local communities’ formal and informal leaders, applying innovative approaches. Additionally, the campaign should be centered around the inclusiveness of the electoral process, and particularly with the inclusion of women, people with disabilities, people leaving in the remote and rural areas, national minorities, people with low income.



UNDP has developed the ESPA-3 in response to a formal request from the Government of Armenia. It provided assistance to the pre-term parliamentary elections that were held on 20 June 2021.In addition to this, the ESPA- 3 will support the longer-term transformation and capacity building of electoral management bodies.


The selection process will be held in one stage:

  1. In order to ensure transparency of consideration and approval of project proposals, a Grant Evaluation Commission for the evaluation of grant projects (GEC) formed from representatives of UNDP, the CEC, and, if necessary, specialized specialists/experts in various fields.
  2. The GEC is the authorized body responsible for the consideration, selection and decision-making on the project proposals received.
  3. The selection and approval of the project proposal as the winner of the grant will be carried out in one stage during the meeting of the GEC.
  4. The final decision on the award of the grant is made by the UNDP management based on the results of GEC.


Applications can be submitted by applicants meeting the following criteria:

  • The Grant Applicant must have at least 3 years of proven work experience public outreach.
  • Maximum coverage in numeric and qualitative means of target groups in the marzes where local elections are expected to be organized in Autumn 2021 (November 14 and December 5 respectively). Project applications with greater and better target group coverage will have an advantage. Applications covering marzes where local elections are not expected this autumn will be not considered. The activities should be completed before respective election date.
  • The presence of activities or approaches in the applicant's project application affecting the increased      participation and engagement of underrepresented groups in the electoral processes.
  • The presence of activities or approaches in the applicant's project application that envisions conducting public outreach through grass roots organizations, civic activists at the community level. The project should focus on face-to-face activities rather than on developing video materials.
  • The presence of activities or approaches in the applicant’s project application encouraging network          building for local activists.
  • The project application is prepared in strict accordance with the format, and the information presented is complete, accurate and clear.


The followings have to be submitted to the Grant committee by the deadline:

  1. A project application filled out in the format (Annex 2);
  2. A copy of a registration certificate of an applicant organization;
  3. A copy of a charter of an applicant organization;
  4. A document from a bank on AMD account indicating all the necessary data such as the name of the organization, account, BIC, currency, etc., signed and stamped by the bank;
  5. Originals/copies of documents issued by the relevant competent authorities confirming that the organization has no current debts in the social fund and tax authorities of Armenia;
  6. CVs of Director and other key personal to be engaged in implementation of the project;
  7. 2 references from past partners or donors.


The applicants must submit their proposals send via e-mail to

with topic named “02-2021-Grant-UNDP-ESPA- “Grants Proposals”” before 23:59 hrs on 30 September 2021.

All questions/enquiries on the current call should be addressed to

Any other forms of request will not be considered.

Applications are valid from the date of signing of the contract till December 31, 2021

Incomplete or late submitted grant documents will not be considered. UNDP reserves the right to not explain the reasons for not selecting the NGO


Annexes: Application form

Grant application guidebook