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2019-PROC-UNDP-MMR-RFQ-077, Provision of Refurbishment Services (Interior Design, Renovation and Furniture
Procurement Process :RFQ - Request for quotation
Office :ITC office in Nay Pyi Taw - MYANMAR
Deadline :16-Sep-19
Posted on :02-Sep-19
Reference Number :58889
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2019-RFQ-077-Interior Design-Renovation-Furniture for ITC-Signed
2019-RFQ-077-Interior Design-Renovation-Furniture for ITC-Annex1
2019-RFQ-077-Interior Design-Renovation-Furniture for ITC-Annxes2-4
2019-RFQ-077-Interior Design-Renovation-Furniture for ITC-Annex5
Overview :






DATE: 2 September 2019




Dear Sir/Madam,


You are kindly requested to submit a quotation for the Provision of Refurbishment Services (Interior Design, Renovation and Furniture for ITC office in Nay Pyi Taw within the premises of the Ministry of Commerce not later than 16 September 2019 5:00 PM (Myanmar Time).






Provision of Refurbishment Services (Interior Design, Renovation and Furniture for ITC office in Nay Pyi Taw within the premises of the Ministry of Commerce


Please see attached Terms of Reference (TOR).





The International Trade Centre (ITC) is implementing the ARISE Plus Myanmar Trade-Related Assistance project which aims to contribute to inclusive and sustainable growth. It supports greater connectivity and economic integration between Myanmar and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in line with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025.


As part of the project implementation modalities ITC is organizing the opening an Arise Plus project office in Nay Pyi Taw, within the premises of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), which aims to provide a good working environment to project staff where optimum office space is utilized with adequate equipment/furniture for best staff performance. In view of these factors, it is required to complete the necessary renovation works in the office space allocated for the project. 


In order to complete the above arrangement in time, the office is looking for an individual contractor who will be responsible to fulfill the objectives of the office renovation work and to carry out all the tasks mentioned under Section III.




Professional renovation service (Interior Design and Construction services) and provision of adequate Furniture are required for refurbishment and renovation of the Arise Plus Myanmar Project office in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. The objective of this assignment is the interior design, renovation, renovation works and furnishing, including, supervision of works. The approximate area under renovation is approximately 31 sqm (19’5” x 17’10”) and is currently not connected to electricity, telephone or internet networks.

Major services and activities include but not limited to the following:

  1. Task A. Perform all required site surveys and measurements, liaise with MOC facility management unit, and execute the project office design.
  2. Task B. Construction and Renovation services and supervision. Supply the Equipment and Furniture provision. Office ready.


Scope of work, activities, tasks, deliverables and timelines, plus budget per deliverable.

In close coordination with UNDP procurement Unit in Yangon, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) in Nay Pyi Taw, and under overall supervision of the ITC Project team, the Design, Renovation Services and Supply of furniture will be required to complete the office interior renovation project.


Task A. Perform all required site surveys and measurements and liaise with the facility management unit of MOC and execute the project office interior design, renovation services:


  1. Arrange site surveys and data collection.
  2. Draw execution plans, including: all necessary floor plans, sections, elevations, schemes, Furniture layouts and specifications, fire/hazard escape drawings, etc.
  3. Develop detailed time schedule for the design phase execution
  4. Develop works execution time schedule.
  5. BOQ for renovation works with price estimate.
  6. BOQ for furniture supply and installation with price estimate.
  7. No. of Fire Extinguishers required for the project office and security plans
  8. Revise the design documentation and BOQ as needed until the price estimates fit in ITC construction budget expectation.
  9. Assist in obtaining necessary authorizations and approvals from MOC facility management unit and respective local authorities.


Task B. Construction and Renovation services and supervision. Office ready.

  1. Submit construction and Renovations works execution schedules.
  2. Complete the construction and renovation work as per agreed plan.
  3. Provide comprehensive construction site supervision.
  4. Organize all necessary meetings with ITC and UNDP.
  5. Provide quality assurance and control.
  6. Validate works done as per approved milestones to when payments to contractor and suppliers can be released by UNDP.
  7. Issuing all necessary certificates.



Task C. Supply Equipment and Furniture provision. Office equipment ready.

  1. Design lay-out and furniture to maximize the usable working space. Possible arrangement could include 4 desks + chairs with power, cables & telephone per working station, 1 conference room table + 8 chairs with power and cables, 1 high table for coffee machine and microwave and 1 filling cabinet
  2. Bidder shall consider the work station available for the connection of the electrical switches for power, cable and telephone networks
  3. Provide price quotations for required office furniture including technical specifications, designs, catalogues and drawings
  4. Other UN agencies, funds or programs should have the right to purchase the same or similar services from selected Contractor(s) at their sole discretion under this terms and conditions

Proposed duration.

  1. Task A 10 working days
  2. Task B and C Interior renovation and furniture provision works duration 1 month
  3. Defect liability period 6 months





Name of the report

Deadline for submission


Final technical design and accompanying documents and assessments for office rooms:

  • Technical description;
  • Bill of quantities with estimated cost 
  • Technical specification for furniture and other equipment
  • All drawings necessary for structures of such kind, as prescribed by the local law

10 days after signing the contract


Consultant’s outputs for Phase 1: 



Name of the report

Period/deadline for submission


Weekly reports on the process and progress of renovation of the project office in accordance to the TOR.

Every week, following commencement of civil works for renovation of  project office until


Renovation and Construction Project service and supply the equipment and furniture for Project Office

Estimated commencement of works: as soon as the technical design is agreed on with MOC and ITC. Estimated completion of works: at the latest on 30 November 2019


Final delivery of the renovation made

At maximum, 5 days after completion of renovation works and supply the furniture and equipment.



Consultant’s outputs for Phase 2:

The contractor will deliver an electronic copy of technical designs and accompanying documents to UNDP/ITC and MOC in both Myanmar and English languages.


Qualifications, Specialized Experience and additional competencies.

  1. Proven track record in successful implementation of similar projects in the past 2 years.
  2. Professional expertise and excellent background in interior design, construction works and supervision.
  3. The constructor must have the necessary experience and expertise in the supply and installation of office furniture and equipment




Annex 1. Terms of Reference

Annex 2. Check-list for submission

Annex 3. Form for Submitting Supplier’s Quotation

Annex 4. General Terms and Conditions for Contract
Annex 2. Floor plan of office building and detail information









Payment Terms

  • Upon completion of Task A
  • Upon completion of the Task B and C Renovation Work and suppling office Furniture.
  • Upon completion of the defect liability period, rectifying all defects and issuing of Final completion certificate.  5%


Preferred Currency of Bid

 Local Currency (Myanmar Kyats)


A visit of the premises for interested bidders will be held on:

Time:  10:00 AM

Date:  5 September 2019

Venue: Office Building No. (3) , Department of Trade,

Ministry of Commerce, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar


The UNDP focal point for the arrangement is:

Mr. Min Min Thein





A pre-Bid conference will be held on: 

Time:  10:00 AM

Date:  9 September 2019

Venue: UNDP Office, No. 6, Natmauk Road, Tamwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar


The UNDP focal point for the arrangement is:

Mr. Min Min Thein





Validity of Quotation


 120 DAYS        


Preliminary Examination -

Completeness of quotation.


 Partial bids permitted.         Partial bids not permitted



Deadline for submitting requests for clarifications/ questions

5 days before the submission date.




Contact Details for submitting clarifications/questions[1]

Focal Person in UNDP: Min Min Thein

E-mail address dedicated for this purpose:


Deadline of Bid Submission

Date and Time:  September 10, 2019 5:00 PM (Yangon Time)


Manner of Submitting Bid

☒ Courier/Hand Delivery

☒ Electronic submission of Bid



Conditions and Procedures for electronic submission and opening, if allowed

☒ Official Address for e-submission:

☒ Format : PDF files only, password protected

☒ Password must not be provided to UNDP until the date and time of Bid Opening as indicated September 10, 2019 5:00 PM (Yangon Time)

☒ Max. File Size per transmission: 8 MB

☒ Max. No. of transmission: 5

Mandatory subject of email: 2019-PROC-UNDP-MMR-RFQ-077, Provision of Refurbishment Services (Interior Design, Renovation and Furniture for ITC office in Nay Pyi Taw within the premises of the Ministry of Commerce

☒ Virus Scanning Software to be Used prior to transmission.

☒ Time Zone to be Recognized: Myanmar

☐ Other conditions:  [pls. specify]


Required Documents that must be Submitted to Establish Qualification of Bidders (In “Certified True Copy” form only)


Company Profile, which should not exceed fifteen (10) pages, including printed brochures and product catalogues relevant to the goods/services being

Tax Registration/Payment Certificate issued by the Internal Revenue Authority evidencing that the Bidder is updated with its tax payment obligations, or Certificate of Tax exemption, if any such privilege is enjoyed by the Bidder

Certificate of Registration of the business, including Articles of Incorporation, or equivalent document if Bidder is not a corporation

☒  Latest Audited Financial Statement (Income Statement and Balance Sheet) including Auditor’s Report for the past [2 years]

☒   Statement of Satisfactory Performance from the Top 3 Clients in terms of Contract Value the past  [2 years]

☒  Bank References (Name of Bank, Account Name, Bank Account No., Bank Location, Contact Person and Contact Details)

☒ Selected Bidder will be piggyback by other UN Agencies from UNDP Contract

General Terms and Conditions

Copy enclosed

Award of Contract

UNDP reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received in response to this RFQ and to negotiate with any of the proposers or other firms in any manner deemed to be in the best interest of UNDP.


Quotation should be in a sealed envelope and sent to Programme Support Team Leader, UNDP Myanmar Office at No. 6 Natmauk Road, Tamwe Township, Yangon mentioning 2019-PROC-UNDP-MMR-RFQ-077 and your company name on the envelope.


NAME, FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Krishna Raj Adhikari, Head of Common Services and Transaction Services


United Nations Development Programme

No. 6, Natmauk Road, Tamwe Township

Fax: +95 1 544531 & 545634 or Email: