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UNDP Sawasya II Programme Experts Roster
Procurement Process :EOI - Expression of interest
Deadline :15-Apr-20
Posted on :13-Mar-20
Development Area :SERVICES  SERVICES
Reference Number :63636
Link to Atlas Project :
00099474 - Promoting the Rule of Law in Palestine (Sawasya II)
Documents :
Expression of Interest_Revised 16.3.2020
Annex I- Individual IC General Terms and Conditions
Annex II- Offeror's Letter of Availability and Interest
Overview :

Extension of deadline for submission of applications on jobs website until 15 April 2020 - posted on 31 March 2020.


Amendment to Solicitation Documents- 1posted on 6 March 2020:

All assignments under UNDP Sawasya II Programme Experts Roster are open for nationals and internationals. Both can apply for any thematic area they are expert in, regardless whether the assignment was originally specified for national or international consultants. Please see revised Expression of Interest Document.




SUBJECT: Sawasya II Programme Experts Roster

Reference Number: IC-2020-PAL-92860

The UNDP’s SAWASYA II Joint Programme: Promoting the Rule of Law in Palestine, is seeking to establish a pool of experts in order to give a quick response to the specific needs within the justice sector. The purpose of this roster is to provide Sawasya with the opportunity to hire an Individual or Team of Individuals at short notice, for the provision of consultancy services, through the Individual Contract (IC) modality.

For this Purpose, the UNDP Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) hereby invites qualified individual consultants who are active in the justice sector to submit their applications via the below link ( to express their interest and provide the required documentation:

The expression of interest can be examined and obtained free of charge from the following website: