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ITB GFATM 12-2016 Site preparation works for the upcoming construction of Nathpharm's new central medical warehouse in Harare, Zimbabwe
Procurement Process :ITB - Invitation to bid
Office :UNDP Zimbabwe - GF/HIST PSM Team - ZIMBABWE
Deadline :18-Jul-16
Posted on :23-Jun-16
Reference Number :30832
Link to Atlas Project :
00058661 - Health Systems Strengthening Cross-Cutting Interventions
Documents :
CWL - Undp Harare Hospital geotech investigations report
Drawings adjusted for 2 incinerators
Drawings adjusted for 2 incinerators
SPT geotechnical investigations report
ITB GFATM 12-2016 UNDP Zimbabwe, site preparation for new Natpharm warehouse in Harare
ITB GFATM 12-2016 UNDP Zimbabwe, site preparation for new Natpharm warehouse in Harare
Pre-bid Conference Minutes ITB ref. GFATM 12-2016
Clarification 01 ITB ref. GFATM 12-2016
Clarification 02 ITB ref. GFATM 12-2016
Clarification 02 ITB ref. GFATM 12-2016 (rev)
Clarification 04 ITB ref. GFATM 12-2016
Overview :

14/07/2016: Clarification no.4
12/07/2016: Clarification no. 3 (rev)

11/07/2016: Clarification no. 2
05/07/2016 Pre-bid conference minutes
05/07/2016: Clarification no. 1 

The National Pharmaceutical Company (NatPharm),is a commercial company under the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) for procurement, storage and distribution of health commodities to the public sector in Zimbabwe. The health commodities for HIV, TB, and Malaria constitute the largest component of the total volume currently stored and distributed in the public sector.

Due to increased initiation of patients onto Antiretroviral therapy, the years 2009-2015 have been marked by a significant increase in the volume of health commodities handled by NatPharm. At the same time, there have been plans to improve the handling capacity of this supply chain with refurbishment of the NatPharm stores mainly the Harare and Bulawayo Regional Stores.

The MoHCC has since initiated the processes that will culminate in the construction of a new state of the art modern warehouse in Harare Central Hospital grounds. The Ministry constituted a Steering Committee to provide an oversight for the construction and the committee has since developed a roadmap for the construction.

The increase in warehouse space will be accompanied by modernization of the structures, equipment and systems; for long term sustainability, the use of materials and construction resulting in energy efficiency as well the use of energy efficient equipment have been identified as essential elements of the infrastructure sustainability strategy. Solar power will also be part of the investment in an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solution for the proposed NatPharm warehouse.

 UNDP is financing the design of a NatPharm Medical Warehouse which describes requirements, layout and overall structure for the development.  UNDP provides an active support to this process financing the first phase of this development. This tender process covers the bulk earthworks and bulk services that are required  to undertake preparation of the site selected for the construction of the new warehouse.